Monday, July 21, 2014

The Easiest Chicken & Rice Dinner EVER!

This is just the kind of no-fuss simple chicken 
dinner recipe you need for those days when
 you are starring at thawed chicken and can't
 think of a thing to do with it. 
Haven't we all been there?
Like when:
1) You're too busy. No time to chop and saute'.
2) You're too tired and not motivated to 
    look up a recipe.
3) You're late and need something in the oven
4) You haven't been to the store and are 
    out of everything.
5) You're sick and can barely get out of bed. 
6) You need to delegate something easy 
    for another family member to prepare.
This one will be here for you.
 After you've made it once, you'll have it 
memorized. Uncomplicated. 

You can just pop it in the oven for an hour and
have time to do whatever you want; walk the dog,
go for a bike ride, read emails, or just relax,
shower, and get yourself ready for dinner.
You can make a small dinner too.
You can use whatever chicken pieces you have;
 chicken breasts, a cut-up chicken
 or 6 thighs. Salt and pepper both sides.
Start: Spray a 2-qt baking dish and add the rice. 
Shake the dish a bit to cover the bottom.
I like Uncle Ben's Long Grain.
Lay the chicken on top of the rice.
Slowly pour the broth over everything. 
It will seem like lots of broth. You need that
 to cook the rice and keep it moist when done.

I used  homemade stock because I had some
 on hand, but I've also used the broth in a box,
canned or just 2 bouillon cubes (or 2t granuels)
dissolved in 2-1/2 C hot water.
Sprinkle seasoning on top. I season the chicken 
well with: seasoned salt, garlic and onion powder, 
pepper, herbs of choice; a sprinkle of parsley, 
and a shake of thyme. (Other options below.)
Cut up the butter and put a pat on each piece
 of chicken. Don't leave off the butter. It helps
 to brown the chicken and keeps it moist 
(since it's been skinned). It also flavors the rice.
In the oven, uncovered for 1 hour.
 All you need to add is a salad or green vegetable
 for a complete dinner.

Now you may be tempted to add mushrooms,
 canned or fresh, canned artichoke hearts,
chopped onions, doctor-it-up
 with a little curry powder or parmesan cheese,
strew some fresh chopped parsley on top...
all good variations. You could also replace the
 white rice with a bag of yellow rice.
 I'm just giving you the 101 version.
Change-up the flavors by adding any one of 
these sprinkled on the top of the chicken 
before baking: soy sauce, or paprika, or 
chili powder and cumin, or curry powder, or
add poultry seasoning along with cut-up
carrots and celery (yum), or try parmesan cheese,
basil and chopped tomato. Make it yours and
change it up a bit whenever you make it.
I sometimes sprinkle a little soy sauce on it
before serving, or when I'm reheating
any leftovers for lunch. Gives it a different
flavor. So easy. 
The Easiest Chicken and Rice
1 C raw rice
Cut-up chicken, skinned
(4 breasts or 6 mixed pieces)
2-1/2 C chicken broth
Seasonings of choice:
(garlic powder, onion powder, 
seasoned salt,pepper,herbs)  
 2 T butter
1-Put the rice in the bottom of
 a 2qt sprayed baking dish
2-Put the chicken pieces on top
3-Pour over the broth
4-Season the chicken well
5-Dot the chicken with pats butter
Bake uncovered for 1 hour @350º

tip: you can also use a cup of my Seasoned Rice Mix.
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  1. This is a nice basic recipe, I would add some veggies to it maybe carrots or green beans and that would be that a complete dinner,

  2. I have a recipe like this I have used for years. I add poultry seasoning and some cut up carrots and celery. I also brown the rice till it is golden before adding the rest. Just delicious and my family loves it.

  3. Hi, Rita! This looks perfectly yummy! I have a chicken and stuffing bake that I make on those nights when you just don't feel up to going all out and this looks like another great one to add to my list! Love chicken and rice, so it's a win/win! I also love the different variations you included... makes it the kind of dish that you could do on a regular basis and end up with a different flavor profile each time! Awesome! Thanks for sharing it! Mary :)

  4. I found you on Pinterest :) my question is if the rice is uncooked or if you cook it before using it? Thanks!