Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Easiest Way To Cook Bacon

I assumed that everyone cooked bacon this way,
 but I was wrong. We were talking 'bacon' at tennis
 this morning during our warm-up because one of
 the girls mentioned how much she and her family
 liked my Marshall Fields Special sandwich, even 
though frying bacon was such a mess. 
You fry bacon? Sooo much easier to microwave it.
Everyone had questions.
No one else on the court had ever done that. 
Does it get crisp? Yes! 
Here we go! 
 I prefer Oscar Mayer bacon. Layer 2 paper towels
on a (microwave-safe) dinner plate. 
 Lay on the bacon. 2 strips per person works
for us...breakfast or a BLT lunch sandwich.
 Cover the bacon with another paper towel.
Microwave 30 seconds less (in minutes) than the
number of bacon strips. For 4 strips it's 3-1/2
minutes, 6 strips would be 5-1/2". That what
works for me. The first time you do this check
about 30 seconds before it's done to see if it
 still needs more time. Microwaves vary.
 Golden brown and crisp! No over-cooked centers
 and fatty ruffles on the ends that you get
 when frying. No watching, turning or grease!
Look at that! No floppy bacon! You can have bacon
anytime now. That's a good thing. 
Now lets make a sandwich.



  1. Wow? I thought you were going to say bake it on a rack over
    a cookie sheet in the oven! I usually buy precooked and warm it a paper towel in the microwave, but it is getting so expensive. I am going to try this! I use two strips too, so Iguess 90 seconds should do it for me. Thanks, Rita!

  2. I know it's a great idea! When we have a brood for breakfast we do that, and hubby is the guy!
    I friend of mine told us this secret and NO MESS!!!

  3. This may be my shortest comment ever but... Yum!!