Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chicago Style Hot Dogs~Franks For The Memories!

This is the dog of choice for anyone who has
ever lived in Chicago. Chicago dogs are classic and
 a big favorite of sports fans and everyone 
from "hardhats" to "power suits".
 Every neighborhood sells them.
 Everybody eats them!
An all beef frank piled with toppings.
Here are the must-have ingredients 
that you'll need to build one.
Poppy seed buns are a must
I couldn't find them in my area so I cheated
 and buttered the buns and sprinkled on poppy seeds.
Cut up and ready to go:
 chopped onions, dill spears, tomato wedges,
 sport peppers  if you can find them.
(I used jalapeno, you can also use
 poblano or pepperoncini)
 Simmer the dogs for five minutes.
I steamed the poppy seed buns
 on a dampened paper towel 
in the microwave for 20 seconds.
Looks great, but something is missing!
The chopped onions....don't leave anything out!
It's the perfect combo of flavors in your mouth.
The toppings must be layered in this order; 
mustard, relish, chopped onion, tomato wedges, 
dill pickle spear, sport peppers.
 It wouldn't be a Chicago dog without 
a  good sprinkle of celery salt, another must.
Don't even think about adding ketchup!
 Now, take a bite!
Sweet Home Chicago!

Today is National Hot Dog Day
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  1. Good job! Personally, I like everything except the peppers. I'm not good with hot peppers! I like your improvisation for the poppy seed buns! Delicious!

  2. I love the buns and the entire hot dog!! My hubby will love this to eat for a change. Thank you Rita May. Hugs, FABBY

  3. I am not a fan of jalapeno's but if I ever visit Chi-town I would try one! I am a mustard and kraut kind of gal. lol. Sometimes onions in sauce.