Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cream Cheese Ball

My friend Sheila has been asking me to post my
recipe for the chipped beef cream cheese ball here it is.
This makes one small cheese ball.
It's with pastrami or any chipped beef.
It's nice to set out for a snack.
For a party double the recipe and make one large ball.
Or make two small ones and roll each one into
 something different.
 I used both green onions with chives from my
garden because that's what I had available.
Combine softened cream cheese, onions,
garlic salt, and W-sauce.
 Finely chop the pastrami.
 You'll have about 1/2 C.
Stir half into the cheese.
Blend well. Refrigerate until it's
firm enough to shape into a ball.
Roll into the remaining chopped beef.
You can also roll it in chopped pecans.
serve with crackers.
I also like it spread on toasted sourdough
bread for a snack.

Cream Cheese Ball
1 8-oz package cream cheese
2-oz pastrami-about 1/2 C 
(1/4 of an 8-oz package)
2 green onions-about 1/4C 
1t Worcestershire sauce
1/2 t garlic powder
Soften the cream cheese.
Finely chop the pastrami and green onions.
Combine the cream cheese, half of the chopped pastrami
(about 1/4 C) the green onions, garlic salt, and
Worcestershire sauce until well blended. 
Chill until it's firm enough to roll into a ball.
Roll the ball into the remaining chopped
pastrami. You can also roll it into finely
chopped pecans. Make one of each!


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