Sunday, February 5, 2012

Go-To Steak Marinade

When I haven't had time to find the new recipe for
marinade that I wanted to try I  rely on this one.
It's a quick and easy marinade that doesn't require
 a lot of complicated measuring.
(I'm using a Tupperware bacon keeper here)

Go-To Steak Marinade
It's just equal parts:
 olive oil, 
balsamic vinegar, 
soy sauce, 
 Worcestershire sauce.
About 1 T each is enough. 
Sometimes I add a squirt of 
Dijon mustard 
and a little garlic powder.
Mix the ingredients and pour over the steak
in a food bag or covered container .
 Seal the container and marinade in the fridge
 for 2 to 24 hours.

This works well on less expensive cuts, like this sirloin.
Before grilling I season it with a little 
pepper, garlic salt or steak seasoning.
Use your favorite here.




  1. Oh wow Rita, it sounds delish. I just gave hubby this marinade sauce as he likes making steak. Thank you for sharing sweet lady. Have a happy week. Hugs,

  2. Sounds YUMMY ! I marinade our steak in different ingrediants but I will try yours I am sure Papa will like it as he is a meat and potatos man ! Thanks for sharing a YUMMY recipe ! Have a great day !