Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Honey Boo Boo Chicken

You're in for a treat with this easy and very
 yummy chicken recipe.
I gave it it's funny name because of the friends 
that shared their favorite recipe. Cathy, and her
sister Liz  had just confessed their guilty pleasure
of watching Honey Boo Boo while we were 
chatting. Liz was busy making her special 
honey chicken for their dinner.
 Pat the chicken dry with a paper towel
It doesn't hurt to have a white wine spritzer
(in the background) while you cook.
 Heat the oil and lots of garlic powder in a large 
skillet on medium high. Be generous with the 
garlic. Add the chicken. This recipe works well 
whether you're cooking for one or six. Just use 
1 chicken breast per person and be
generous with the garlic, salt, pepper and honey.
No need to measure. I gave measurements just 
to give you an idea of amounts. More is best!
Season with more garlic powder and salt and 
pepper to taste.
When almost cooked, drizzle in lots of honey, 
about 1T per breast.
 Stir frequently until it begins to caramelize.
It will turn a lovely medium brown.
Prepare a salad of romaine hearts and 
sliced or chopped cucumber. Toss with
the previous post. Pile the salad on dinner
 plates and top with the
Honey Boo Boo Chicken! 
The contrast of the garlicky crisp salad
 topped with the sweet crispy chicken is 

Honey Boo Boo Chicken
 2 boneless chicken breasts,
 cut into bite size pieces
2T olive oil
 1t garlic powder
3T honey
1/2t salt & 1/2t pepper
Add enough oil to cover the bottom 
of a large skillet. On Medium high, heat the oil 
and garlic powderadd the chicken pieces
 and saute until almost cooked through.
While cooking add more garlic powder, salt
and pepper to taste. Add about 1 generous
tablespoon of honey per breast and stir 
frequently until chicken has caramelized 
to a lovely medium brown.
Serve over a bed of chopped romaine hearts
and diced English cucumber that has been
tossed with garlic-dill dressing.
serves 2
(multiple recipe as needed)

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