Sunday, February 28, 2016

Simple Meatballs

Meatballs! Meatballs! Meatballs!
Can you ever have too many meatball recipes?
I think not! So when I saw my blog friend
Tina over at Cherry Hill Cottage, the cutest
blog ever, post her Mama's meatballs, just the way
she loved them as a child, I had to make them.
Mix the ingredients and shape into balls.
 Brown the meatballs in oil
 Scatter in a few onion slices as they brown.
Remove to a plate.
 Add the sauce and water to the drippings.
 Stir on medium-low. Season with salt and pepper.
Return the meatballs and simmer 10-15
minutes while you cook the pasta.
I followed her recipe exactly.  It was a childhood
favorite. I couldn't change a I did a bit,
I just added more sauce. She used 8-oz and I
ended up adding another can. She said it was OK. 

The cracker crumbs, of which I had lots of little
saved packets from Wendy's give them that
homestyle taste. No garlic, no Italian herbs, no
parmesan cheese. I said these were different.
These have a homey-comfort food-flavor.

If you wanted an Italian meatball dinner
 make THESE instead.

1 lb ground beef
1 small onion, chopped
1 egg
1 t salt
1 t pepper
1 C saltine cracker crumbs
Combine all ingredients saving out a few chopped 
onions to sprinkle around the meatballs while 
frying. Roll the mixture into balls.  Fry on
 medium-high in 2 T oil, turning frequently until
 browned. Remove them to a plate and add the...
1 16oz can tomato sauce
½ can water
salt and pepper to taste
Add the tomato sauce and water to the meatball 
drippings in the skillet. Stir at medium low. Return
 the meatballs back to the sauce, spoon sauce
 over meatballs. Simmer 10-15 min.
Serve over spaghetti serves 4

So these tasty simple meatballs have been 
added to my list:

Fast Balls (4 ingredients)


Links: Facebook, Between Naps on The Porch


  1. This is exactly the way my mom made meatballs when I was a kid. She added tomato sauce and spaghetti or beef gravy and egg noodles, depending what we all felt like that night. I add Italian seasoning, fresh garlic and Romano cheese to mine for an Italian flair.

    1. Yes these are milder than my Italian meatballs. I've included a link for that recipe. I'm sure they would be good with beef gravy mix. Over mashed potatoes, yum.

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