Monday, March 5, 2012

Lemonies....The New Brownie!

Lemonies.....that's the new name I'm giving to 
my lemon brownies recipe.
I love the flavor of lemon and if you do too 
then you are at the right place!
This is my second most viewed recipe.
 I get lots of nice comments and a few emails
 like the one below from a gentleman in AZ. 
He was kind enough to take the time to send it. 
Loved hearing from him and everyone that takes 
the time out of their busy day to let me know they 
paid me a visit and tried something they liked. 

Couldn’t figure out how to post this to your blog so I’m doing the next best thing.

Yesterday was my turn to bring something to the Wii bowling league at my senior center. I don’t like the store bought stuff and my lemon tree is full so I looked for a lemon recipe. Your site was the first to pop up and there it was….a recipe for lemon brownies. Although I never heard of this the recipe looked pretty simple, since I’m a novice at the baking routine. So I made them using the 9x13 pan. Much to my surprise the pan was devoured in less than an hour with many wanting your recipe and of course, a few of my lemons off the tree.
I don’t eat sweets just the great breads I bake, but everyone sure enjoyed your recipe.
 Thanks for making it so easy.


Jim Domschke
Phoenix, AZ



  1. tried these tonight and they are awesome!!!! I'm going to add your blog to my list so I won't miss anymore wonderful recipes! Thanks!!

  2. These look fantastic! Can't wait to try them.

  3. they are in the oven and can't wait to try them.......LOVE your music while I am in the kitchen doing what I love !
    Will be baking, cooking more on your blog....Thanks

  4. Just made these and they came out awesome!! My dude and sis are gonna love these when they get home.. It's like a lemon bar meets lemon pound cake.. soooo yummy! Thank you for this recipe and your blog is awesome! :)

  5. I found these on Pinterest and made them for a co-worker's birthday. She is not a chocolate fan, but loves my lemon bars. Tried these to do something new and WOW they turned out great. I tend to add more lemon because I like big powerful flavors, but they were GREAT. Plus the house smells good too ;-) .

    Thanks for the recipe!!

  6. I just found your website recently and made these yesterday.. My husband absolutely loved them! Will make again for sure!

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  8. Thanks for the great recipe! A friend of mine found it and passed it on to me! Hope you don't mind, but it was actually the feature of the first entry for the blog my friend and I are starting!

    Thanks again!!

  9. My friend brought these to a book group and they are the most fantastic lemon dessert ever! Thank you for sharing! I was wondering how the dessert would do frozen? Do you think it would thaw well? Thanks for you help!

  10. Where is the recipe?

  11. I found it, just had to click on the words Lemon brownies. I look forward to trying it, my son loves anything with Lemon!

  12. I found it, just had to click on the words Lemon brownies. I look forward to trying it, my son loves anything with Lemon!

  13. Lemonies - that's a real good and catchy name. Love this! Easy to make and adds a uniqueness to brownies which is a favorite of my little nephews. Definitely will be making these again (nephews were very persistent).

  14. Great job .Thanks for sharing such a fantastic recipe.Keep up writing and giving us many more like this one.
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  15. Usually my philosophy on dessert is, "Why waste calories on something that isn't chocolate?" An then I tried this recipe! Your Lemon Brownies are one of my absolute FAVORITE desserts, and many times I crave them over chocolate! Friends and family agree, this recipe is winner - especially in the summer time. Thank you!

  16. I have made this recipe several times and absolutely love it. For some reason I get air bubbles when it bakes. Normally that is a sign of over mixing but I do not mix it for very long so I do not over work the batter. It is actually somewhat lumpy. Any ideas as to why there are air bubbles?