Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ginger Ale Brisket

It doesn't get any easier than this!
Make this a day ahead.
Basically 4 ingredients and it only takes 
2 minutes to get this in the oven.
This really is a no-brainer brisket. 
Lay brisket on a large piece of foil. Crease
two pieces together if needed so you can
 completely seal in the brisket. Season 
the brisket well with your favorite seasonings. 
I like seasoned salt, pepper, and paprika.
Mix the dry onion soup, ketchup, and ginger ale.
Pour over the brisket and seal the foil tightly.
Pop in a 325º oven for 3-4 hours until fork tender.
Remove the meat and let cool a bit, then put in the
 refrigerator until the next day. This makes
 slicing the brisket easier. Pour the gravy
 into a separate container. 
The next day:
Slice against the grain and put it in a casserole.
Pour the saved gravy over the meat slices.
Cover and pop in the oven until nice and hot.
 Serve the slices and top with gravy.
I have several brisket recipes and I love them all.
It's a yummy, homey, easy dinner.

Ginger Ale Brisket
3-5 lb beef brisket
1 pkg dry onion soup
1 C ketchup
2 C ginger ale
choice of seasoning
Put brisket on large piece of foil that 
will cover the brisket completely.
Put it in a baking dish.
Season brisket well with;
seasoned salt, pepper, paprika.
Mix onion soup, ketchup and ginger ale. 
Pour over the brisket. Tightly close the 
foil, sealing all the seams. 
Bake at 325º for 3-4 hours.
Let cool enough to handle, remove
from the pan, cover and refrigerate.
Store the gravy separately. The next
day, slice the meat against the grain, 
put into a casserole, pour the gravy over
and pop in the oven, covered until 
completely heated through.

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  1. Gotta try that one. It will need a really authentic gingery ale to go on it though. I'm thinking Bundaberg.