Monday, November 14, 2011

Swedish Pancakes with Mini Chocolate Chips and Raspberries

While I was visiting my two grandchildren in Atlanta 
they showed me their favorite way to eat my
Swedish Pancakes.
They like to add mini chocolate chips and fresh fruit 
like sliced strawberries or my favorite, raspberries. 
 A little sprinkle of lemon juice too.
 Use just a small amount of the mini chocolate chips.
 Scatter on maybe 1 t and loosely roll-up.
The mini chips will melt slightly.
 Then top with fresh fruit. I had raspberries 
and they had sliced strawberries. A little
sprinkle of lemon juice and a
dusting of powdered sugar over the top.
Serve on plates warmed in the oven.
 A little fruit with each bite.
Very yummy! They had a very good idea!
Click on SWEDISH PANCAKES for my recipe.


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  1. Oh that looks soo YUMMY ! Kids definatly know what they like. Awesome food photos ! Have a wonderful evening.